Our attorneys are highly trained and continuously update their knowledge in different areas of the practice of law. They have the experience and skills to respond effectively to the legal needs of a changing global economy and the challenges of local regulations.

Members of ESTUDIO BUNGE – Bunge, Smith & Luchía Puig are attorneys that actively participate in different national and international non-governmental organizations, chambers of commerce and universities, which enable them to have a broad scope of reality of the different areas of the community.

Most of our attorneys have taken or are taking masters degrees in Argentinian or foreign universities, which provides them an appropriate combination of experience, excellence and commitment to render engagement for the client.

Also, ESTUDIO BUNGE – Bunge, Smith & Luchía Puig has entered into collaboration agreements with other national and international law firms as well as networks to firmly support their clients with the carrying on of their business operations in different jurisdictions.


Diego César Bunge

Donaldo G. Smith Sánchez

Eduardo Pablo Luchía Puig

Cristian Pablo Lacoste

Carlos A. Nogueira Martearena

Nicolás Repila

Adriana Senatore

Agustín Bunge

Pedro Menéndez

Silvia Ludtke

Juan Cornejo


Andrés Rodríguez Lozano

John Ryan Lussich

Juan Felipe Porta

Victoria Taylor

Romina Caratti

Orlando Pulvirenti

Humberto Guardia Mendonca

Eduardo Adragna


Juan Ignacio Campenni

Alejandro Frías Ayerza

Alejandro Rodríguez

Pedro Sáenz

Gabriel Viola

Bruno Norrito

Romina Velazquez

Belisario Sylvester Solá

Vanesa Carolina Burillo

Manuela De Vita