Insurance & Reinsurance

The Firm developed an important practice on complex transactional and regulatory issues, including sale, incorporation and acquisition of domestic insurers.

We have represented insurance companies in the country during more than 35 years, acquiring extensive experience in the area and acting as legal advisors in every aspect of the industry.

The Firm´s experience includes insurance-related areas such as insurance, reinsurance, policy development and revision with the Argentine laws and legislation, registration of foreign reinsurers and reinsurance agents, and insurance litigation.

Over the past 35 years, we have legally advised insurance companies in more than 5,000 judicial and extra-judicial cases, such as property insurance, liability, fire, transportation, air-travel, surety and life insurance. We have also counseled clients in reinsurance disputes in judicial and arbitral proceedings. Some cases won by our team have been leading cases in the insurance industry.

We have also represented clients in the winding up of insurance companies by the termination of its business either due to the supervisory´s body decision or by shareholder´s decisions.