Media and Entertainment

We are actively engaged in representing and counseling radio station companies in Argentina, providing legal advice to major radio broadcasting companies with AM and FM broadcast bands in the City of Buenos Aires and other provinces of the country.

The service provided covers all its legal and regulatory aspects before agencies. As well, our Firm advises clients seeking to obtain broadcasting licenses.

We also provide legal counseling to one of the most important and diversified Entertainment Groups in the Republic of Argentina, concerning acquisitions, international co-productions, shows, tax issues, advertising, licenses, copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in the areas of entertainment and media.

Our Firm also represents companies that provide television subscription services. For instance codified air television, and offers legal advice to relevant television channels in the most varied aspects, such as aspects involving regulation, corporations, contracts, antitrust practice, advertising, intellectual property, labor, labor unions and in matters connected to institutions that finance the industry, actors, screenwriters, directors and producers.