Dispute settlement – Litigation and alternative dispute resolution

ESTUDIO BUNGE – Bunge, Smith & Luchía Puig is recognized for its national and international expertise regarding complex disputes and contentious matters. We possess a group of professionals with sophisticated experience in counseling and judicially representing our clients before federal and provincial courts, as well as before arbitral courts in Argentina and worldwide.

Our clients entrust complex issues on different areas to us, such as contractual breaches in the field of public works and services, damage claims, manufacturer’s responsibility, medical malpractice, tort liability and company disputes.

Likewise, ESTUDIO BUNGE – Bunge, Smith & Luchía Puig has represented the Argentinian State in defense of its interests in civil and commercial disputes.

Our professionals have active participation in representing clients in arbitral disputes before different arbitral courts, both nationally and internationally.

Also, they teach negotiation and alternative dispute resolution in Law Schools and Business Associations.