Administrative and Regulatory Law

ESTUDIO BUNGE has ample experience in counseling clients in complex areas of the administrative law, which may present in transactional or regulatory cases. Either during a negotiation stage, due-diligence procedure, pre- trial stage, during a judicial trial, or the filing of administrative proceedings with regulatory entities.

ESTUDIO BUNGE has extensive experience in negotiating agreements with governmental entities and state-owned companies that implies a broad knowledge in regulatory matters. Accordingly, we possess vast experience both in the regulation / deregulation process of many industries, such as air transport, mining, chemical and petrochemical industries, telecommunications and oil and gas. Also, in the creation of new regulatory frameworks for such activities, as well as handling disputes originated from challenges brought upon changes of such regulatory frameworks and circumstances.

Even though we have advised and represented different clients in company privatizations at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, this practice transformed alongside market changes to fulfill the interests of local and international companies to protect their investments and to structure new operations in different regulatory contexts.